Decentralised Crypto Asset Network (dscan).

A planetary scale crypto asset network powered by blockchain technology; that is crypto safe and curated through collaborative moderation at new scale.

A planetary scale programable network for app ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.


Bracecoin is a blockchain with a native token that will be used to power a Decentralized Crypto Asset Network (dscan). It functions as to equitably reward its contributors: users, developers, and organizations on the app network; thereby keeping it accessible, vibrant and fair globally.

dscan is a brave attempt onboarding millions of people around the globe into crypto-economy and giving them a valuable stake in the future growth of app ecosystem under a decentralized set of rules.

"People are tired participating in systems, where they provide all of the value and get none of the compensation. Blockchain provides crypto currency, a mechanism to flip that around."


Bridging blockchain and mobile app world.

From an Internet of information to an Internet of value. Enabling transparent governance on community and businesses while keeping user communication secure through a decentralised app network, that connects blockchain with mobile app ecosystem seamlessly.

crypto economy
mobile users
app ecosystem

empowering consumer grade crypto apps

Dscan will provide an open-standard platform for app economy where all could communicate and add value to the app ecosystem on a common purpose, and work together in groups of increasing size and greater innovation.

Bracenet enables plug and play resources to implement crypto rewards with built-in tokenomics for your apps; while UI/UX can be on existing development technologies.

Bracenet enables plug and play resources to implement crypto rewards with built-in tokenomics for your apps; while UI/UX can be on existing development technologies.


dscan will establish a self-sustainable app network, where users are rewarded to try new apps and utilize earned coins to make purchases for products and services within or affiliated to the network; while developers benefit from an open distribution network that facilitates launching their products to gain traction faster and get rewarded for its adoption.

consensus protocol
universal wallet


embrace is a program designed to stimulate growth and adoption of Decentralised Social Crypto App Network (dscan). To achieve this there is a unique reward program model for our early adaptors based on their contribution. This will be an inherent model for our future mining program which will be implemented after token release, as it aligns with the essence and vision of our project...more...

" 60 million token for airdrop"

150 points = 1 brace coin




Tokens will be issued based on coins accrued on dscan apps for bootstrapping the network. You can earn coins from:

  • Installing the dscan apps
  • Uploading pictures, videos in to platform
  • Get a verified profile
  • Referral bonuses for Inviting contacts & friends
  • Referring another user, who then gets verified
  • Keeping App for 60 days
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Be part of the developer verified community to earn token. Participate our developer program through:

  • App submission to dscan
  • Become Watchers and Stargazers on our github repositories
  • Website design and development
  • Bracenet - advisory panel
  • Participate in technical paper reviews
  • Documentation and tutorial
  • Audit - Bugs reporting
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This is a bespoke verified program for crypto community. Your tokens will be based on im.pact score of your contributions. Participate through:

  • Support network - Meetups, Medium Articles, Youtube reviews, Podcasts
  • Advisory network - improving our whitepaper, technical paper, website design, etc.
  • Community support - referral on recruitment, support on reddit, telegram, podcasts
  • Close circle - Language translators, Telegram admins, Reddit moderators, Local language admins.
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Token Distribution

Join as investor
dscan users - (coalition rewards) 60%
Universal coalition loyalty program (protocol built as block reward) for dscan users for using apps on the network, developer community accrue coins for enrolling apps and libraries into dscan.
Company - Lalabs (genesis) 20%
Continuous research and development of dscan (bracenet API grid and bracex protocols), user on-boarding system, and more.
Investors - (presale) 15%
For funding dscan and bracenet infrastructure development, business development, partnerships, support, and more.
Foundation - (genesis) 5%
For long-term network governance of Bracecoin project, independent board grants for future protocol upgrades, etc..

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