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About Bracetoken

Bracetoken is a native token that will be used to power a Decentralized Social Crypto Apps Network (dscan). It functions as to equitably reward its contributors: users, developers, and organizations on the app network; thereby keeping it accessible, vibrant and fair, and resulting in greater innovation.

On d.scan anyone can search and discover crypto apps for their interest. Developers could add their app to the network globally, have a unique advantage of incentivizing users for using their apps through tokens.

Bracenet is an Open API framework with a custom intermediary protocol (bracex) that connects block chain technologies with app development through simple API calls. Bracenet will be an open-source project that will be shared with industry and community participants.

dscan is a brave attempt onboarding millions of people around the globe into crypto-economy and giving users a valuable stake in the future growth of app platforms under a more decentralized set of rules.

Bracetoken enables a unique mining of tokens based on proof of activity, where users can earn tokens for their engagement within the network apps, and developer community could earn tokens based on the usage of their listed apps, libraries and SDKs on the network. Bracenet would then mandate that on-network advertising must be paid through our tokens using affiliated exchanges.

We aim to establish a self-sustainable app network to emerge, where users are rewarded to try new apps and utilize earned tokens to make purchases for products and services within or affiliated to the network; while developers to benefit from an open distribution network that facilitates launching their products to gain traction faster and get rewarded for its adoption.


  • gen·e·sis

    Q1 2017
    Lalabs Founded
    Q2 2017
    Woolah Android alpha released
    Q3 2017
    Woolah iOS alpha released
    Q4 2017
    Beta rolled-out
    Q1 2018
    Brace Foundation

  • m·brace

    em·bark - dscan app signup and referral rewards program
    im·pact - crypto community rewards program

    ig·ni·tion - developers rewards program

    Reward token final allotment
    Airdrop* (planned)

  • bracetoken

    em·bark points integration to dscan apps
    Technical paper release

    Final whitelist + KYC

    Token presale*

    Issuing Bracetoken(ERC20)

  • bracenet

    Technical manifesto release
    Bracenet SDK kickoff
    Bracex protocol launch

    Bracetoken wallet integration

    Bracenet alpha

    Bracenet connect

  • gran·di·ose

    Q1 2019
    dscan public roll-out
    Q2 2019
    Bracetoken blockchain launch
    Q3 2019
    Exchange program, ERC20 - native token (1:1)

    Q4 2019
    Bracenet open deployment

    Q1 2020
    Decentralized common marketplace

Get start earning tokens on dscan

Install Woolah App

Download and install the Woolah App. Start uploading pictures and videos to earn free tokens.

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Invite your friends

Share Woolah in social media with your friends and get bonus points for every signup.



Tokens will be issued based on coins accrued on dscan apps for bootstrapping the network. You can earn coins from:

  • Installing the dscan apps
  • Uploading pictures, videos in to platform
  • Get a verified profile
  • Referral bonuses for Inviting contacts & friends
  • Referring another user, who then gets verified
  • Keeping App for 120 days
  • Daily app usage for 30 minutes


Be part of the developer verified community to earn token. Participate our developer program through:

  • App submission to dscan
  • Become Watchers and Stargazers on our github repositories
  • Website design and development
  • Bracenet - advisory panel
  • Participate in technical paper reviews
  • Documentation and tutorial
  • Audit - Bugs reporting


This is a bespoke verified program for crypto community. Your tokens will be based on im.pact score of your contributions. Participate through:

  • Support network - Meetups, Medium Articles, Youtube reviews, Podcasts
  • Advisory network - improving our whitepaper, technical paper, website design, etc.
  • Community support - referral on recruitment, support on reddit, telegram, podcasts
  • Close circle - Language translators, Telegram admins, Reddit moderators, Local language admins.

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